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Jos Volkers – GRONINGEN/NL – Ecological Space Engineering – ALTONALE 2017

Volkers is using Ecological Space Engineering as a tool to demonstrate the dualism in our global society and reflects on the ecological crisis, technology, politics, war and the role of human beings. In 2016 Jos Volkers had received a starter stipend from Creative Industries Fund NL, to develop on his concept. This resulted in a plan to build a V2 rocket in Romania,

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Artist Talk with
Hamdy Reda / Giza – Egypt

Hypercultural Conversations on Artellewa Art Space / – Giza – Egypt. Activation of dialogue between artists and society. Hamdy Reda is a visual artist and curator. He is the founder and the managing director of “artellewa” – space for contemporary arts. Hamdy Reda is member of art syndicate of Egypt, Cairo Atelier, National and Arabian group for Culture policies.

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Call for Hyper Cultural Messengers

Hyper Cultural Messengers – Reise-Stipendium
Künstlerische Reise-Forschung zu Orten und Ländern abseits der globalisierten Hauptwege von Kunst und Kultur.
FRISE- Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V. schreibt im Rahmen des Projekts Hyper Cultural Passengers, finanziert mit Mitteln des Elbkultur-Fonds, 2017 drei Reisestipendien für Künstler*innen aus Hamburg aus.

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Zhenchen Liu

Guest Artist for the Hamburg CHINATIME 2016 For a period of four weeks, the artist Zhenchen Liu  worked together with Torsten Bruch, in the pursuit of interpreting each other’s different perspectives. This ‘Conversation-Art-Process’ was documented and presented […]

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Reham Sharbaji

In the Arabic language, every noun and name is gendered, and so everything becomes personified merely because the nature of the language deems it so. And so, Amman is identified as feminine, carrying with it all the nuances that are associated with gender.

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Jaime Ibanez

PARTICIPATING ARTIST OF THE EXHIBITION “THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME”, PORT JOURNEY MEETING 2016 Jaime Ibanez designs his own systems which are related to cinema, theatre and music. These are “primitive” animations, installations, theatre […]