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FOCAL POINT is a video project aiming to teach the Youth in different parts of India and Germany how to utilize a smartphone to produce short movies and documentaries, giving them a voice of their own and a platform to be heard. In geographically remote rural regions and socially isolated urban districts, there is often a lack of communication between the outside observers and the people living there, how they view their lives and what wishes and problems are central from their perspective.

The following simple questions could be starting points to explore through the medium of film:

How do we perceive ourselves?

What do we see when we look out of our doors?

Almost everywhere in today’s world, young people either have a mobile phone of their own or have access to a family phone. In Ladakh, for example, one of the areas where we will conduct our workshops, schools have been partially closed since the beginning of the pandemic. Sent back to their villages, students only had contact with their teachers via WhatsApp study groups, utilizing family phones. In times of social isolation in areas already cut off, we want to support interested Youth with less visibility and possibilities to express their concerns, interests, and perspectives.

Further, we will interlink all projects, where workshops are conducted: Youth from Ladakh, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, and Hamburg will explore their peer environment through processes of imagination, and at a later stage, through Zoom interaction.

Videos produced by the different Youth will be showcased in all groups.

We are a team of engaged, young filmmakers, artists, and educators from diverse backgrounds, sharing our know-how and passions with the new generation of change-makers.

In intense workshops, each lasting up to two weeks, a group of Youth (aged 11 to 18 years) will be introduced, among other things, to the basics of filmmaking.

Topics of focus include the exploration of different film genres; how to create storyboards; how to edit and utilize different types of cuts. Further, they will learn how to use techniques such as the ‘Big Three’: color, sound, and light; framing and composing; as well as developing art and production design.

By the end of the workshop, each participant will have created their own short film. They will be introduced to platforms and networks to make their future films visible to the public.

Video workshop by F[O]CAL POINT with marginalized children at Bookworm Library, Goa – May 2022

Through the NGO Tara Trust, as well as individual professionals, we are experienced in conducting diverse workshops with amazing outcomes, utilizing different mediums of art. To explore further, click here:

Tara Trust Workshops Video Empowerment Through Art Video Sponsors for Jamyang School

Our video project FOCAL POINT will collaborate with the following partners in 2022:

  • HyperCulturalPassengers, a group of artists and philosophers based in Hamburg, engaged in intercultural projects, an exchange of local and global discourses. Workshops will be conducted in collaboration with different schools around Hamburg’s river district Veddel.
  • The Jamyang Boarding School in Leh, Ladakh, an outstanding school for Buddhist children from remote villages, we have been involved with since its beginnings in 2008.
  • The skateboarding project Janwaar Village, a project in a rural area in Madhya Pradesh, where we conducted workshops in 2018.
  • Bookworm, a library for children in Panjim, Goa – the state we are based in, where we conduct workshops with marginalized children.

We look forward to working with each & everyone of you to bring this project to life. We greatly appreciate your support and welcome any thoughts or feedback.

For all inquiries, please contact:
Call or Whatsapp: +91 7776062233