Silent Drawing Room

A good time for you – we want to open the art room at Veddel for you once a week. We invite you to draw with us, silently, without talking.

It’s about looking inside, spending time, and experiencing this moment between paper, pencil, and the inner eye. The goal of drawing is that you learn your forms of self-concentration. Drawing here is a movement of the hand that allows feedback to your perception.

We will set up many drawing tables in the art room. We will provide you with paper, pencils and everything else you need. There will be a time of silence; with a small or large drawing, you can experience a special moment.

We will have books ready for you to browse and read. These will be from different areas and always have something to do with us and our time. They can be art catalogs, graphic novels or novels, stories, biographies, or even non-fiction.

We can try out what happens when we read aloud from a book together while drawing silently.

The Silent Drawing session will last 3 hours. In the end, we invite you to share your thoughts, experiences, and insights with everyone – saying out loud what we experienced while drawing silently.

We don’t give drawing lessons but a space where drawing can become an easy artistic technique- along the way, you will become proficient in drawing. It’s not about beautiful pictures but about developing your drawing language and intense moments with pen and paper.

We meet every Wednesday from 15.00 to 18.00 h.
Sieldeich 36, Hamburg