Heidi Salaverría


Dr. Heidi Salaverría is a philosopher, lecturer, and performance artist, born in 1969 in Caracas, Venezuela, living in Hamburg, Germany. Currently she is working on an Aesthetics of Doubt. Her work focuses on the idea of a non-identarian subjectivity and of a critical common sense, dealing with the problems of recognition, the intersection of aesthetics and politics, and the question of agency.


Salaverría has worked at various German universities, amongst them the University of Hildesheim, the University of Flensburg and the Music Conservatory of Nuremburg. She has given lectures and workshops in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, and Spain.

Study and research stays in Buenos Aires, Hamburg, and Philadelphia. Research Areas: Pragmatist philosophy (Peirce, James, Dewey, Rorty), Kant, Poststructuralist Philosophers, particularly Levinas, Butler, Rancière.

Since 2002, Heidi has been working as a performance artist in projects, which include the participation of the audience, seeking to overcome the gap between the metaphysics of certainty and the ordinary. Lately, she introduced the method of “philosophical drawing,” in which participants communicate via abstract drawings of philosophical concepts.

Featured Photo: © Deutscher Künstlerbund, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin 2013

Performance Philosophy Festival, Leipzig 2016/© Tom Fichtner

Heidi Salaverría realized lecture performances and performance projects in various cities, amongst them ICI Berlin, Pact Zollverein Essen, Kampnagel Theater Hamburg, ZKM Karlsruhe, State Theater Stuttgart.

In 2015, she joined the network project Hyper Cultural Passengers and became part of the concept and curator team. This cooperation of artists, philosophers and other cultural activists questions the myth of the autonomous, and thereby self-sufficient, subject and proposes instead the figure of the hypercultural passenger.

Publications and (Lecture-)Performances (a selection):

2016            Experimental Panel Discussion on Power (Philosophical Drawings), Leipzig Germany. With Veronica Reichl (Berlin), Arno Böhler (Wien), Katrin Felgenhauer (Leipzig), Ekaterina Poljakova (Greifswald), et.al., Performance Philosophy Festival “THINKING_POWER,” Leipzig, https://soundcheckphilosophie.wordpress.com/

Curational Team of the Performance Philosophy Symposium “THINKING_BODIES,” Munich, https://koerperdenken.wordpress.com/english/

Syncopated Freedom. Rhythms of Post-Colonial Thinking, Performance with Ariel Flórez, “THINKING_BODIES,” Munich, Germany.

2015            Critical Common Sense, Exemplary Doubting, and Reflective Judgment, in: Ramón del Castillo, Ángel M. Faerna, Larry A. Hickman (eds.), Confines of Democracy: Essays on the Philosophy of Richard Bernstein, New York. (With a reply by Bernstein)

The Eros of Doubting, in: Women in Philosophical Counseling, Luisa de Paula et.al. (eds.), Lexington Books, Lanham Maryland.

2014            A Critique of Aesthetic Doubts, Talk at: The Pleasure of Doubt, International Conference, ICI Berlin.

Unregulated Doubts and the political Formation of Judgments with Shklar and Rancière, Article in German, in: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie, Bd. 62, Heft 4, Sept.

2012            Enjoying the Doubtful. On Transformative Suspensions in Pragmatist Aesthetics, in: European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, Volume 4, Number 1, 2012. (With a response by Richard Shusterman) http://lnx.journalofpragmatism.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/14_salaverria.pdf

2011            Alterity and Recognition, Co-edited with Andreas Hetzel and Dirk Quadflieg, Baden Baden (in German)

2007            Locating the Self. Between Critical Common Sense and Sensus Communis, Berlin (in German: Spielräume des Selbst. Pragmatismus und kreatives Handeln)