Koos Buist (Groningen/NL)


The basis of Koos Buist’s (1984) fascinations and work lies at the foot of the wierde and the countryside around Ezinge, where he grew up. In film, theater, and sculptures, he searches from macro to micro for new perspectives on the relationship between nature and culture.

Some projects are Insect temples, Monumental encounters, and habitats for humans and insects. SLOOT: film and spatial works that make a theological and philosophical connection between an ancient cultural landscape and primeval nature. Wadden Sea People: Search for natural sea people behind the sea dike. MIR; Body as landscape, a spatial investigation into what it means not to be in a landscape but to be the landscape, Expedite Micro-Naut: Public activities in which local micro nature is explored and arrived together from an ecological and philosophical perspective.

Videostills, SLOOT

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