Torsten Bruch

Torsten Bruch (b. 1973) is a visual and acting artist born in Hannover, Germany. Since 2003 he is based in Hamburg.
The starting point of Bruch is the search for the other within the self through different role-play strategies. Meeting the self by acting out different roles and adding them to one video is a central motive in his multi-tired, transmedial artwork that uses installations, sculptures, films, body art, and performance. His works have been exhibited in Germany, France, Finland, the USA, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, and China.

When the ocean level rises, the Hamburg River Elbe might flood the city and the Veddel. During the flood in 1962, large parts of Veddel were underwater. If this happens, it is very likely to see fishes and ocean creatures swimming in the streets.

The vision of a dive through a coral reef was created for this. A forward movement into the darkness, where creatures repeatedly appear from the depths. This idea created individual costumes and creations of water creatures, such as tiny jellyfish, large medusae, squid, and small and large whirls, which consist only of flagellar arms. These move through the space and draw the viewer into the picture. In his works, the artist Torsten Bruch likes to transform himself into a wide variety of figures and tries out their movements. Ultimately, many individual performances are filmed and assembled into groups and swarms in the video. The artist plays the doppelganger role and creates imaginative extensions of himself using costumes and role-playing.