Meanwhile at
HyCP Veddel Space –
Derya Yildirim

Meanwhile: 2020 – The world closed all real paths of connection. What we live on and what we see as our core task is impossible due to COVID-19. As for so many artists, venues, and projects, 2020 traversed our planning. We should have already welcomed many guests from all over the world, we should have converted the HyCP Veddel Space into a barrier-free zone, and our neighbors would have been invited. However, reality looks somewhat different. That’s why we offer our space to various groups, organizations, and artists in the neighborhood. And we are happy thereby to support some small projects during the shutdown.

Photo: MASKED SINGER © Andrea Richter

It is always a pleasure to be able to work with the outstanding musician Derya Yildirim. Derya is currently using the rooms of HYCP Veddel Space for a project co-produced by the Körber Foundation. It is about the wide range of the soundscapes of the world. As a new way of teaching art and music, this project approaches as a kind of a declaration of love to Derya’s main instrument, the Bağlama. Expiring and showing a global diversity of instruments in the cultures of the world, Derry gives us here her unique understanding of the concept of beauty.

So, spontaneously the rooms of HyCP Veddel Space transformed into a small video studio, give space to the sonics of the Bağlama. Now we are looking forward to showing Derya’s filmic work soon to the public and our neighborhood on the river island of Hamburg Veddel.