Groningen Call for Artists from Hamburg

Port Journey Artist Exchange Hamburg > Groningen

A cooperation between HaViK/ZUHAUSE (GR) and Frise (HH)
supported by the government of Groningen

Period:+/- July 2018
Duration:+/- 4 Weeks
Deadline: 28.05.2018

Port Journey – Founded in 2012 in Yokohama, Port Journey represents an open network of artists and cultural activists with partners in Australia, China, Japan, South Korea, Finland, France, Jordan, Iceland, the Netherlands, USA, and Germany. Port Journey builds a sustainable network for artists exchanges as a cooperation platform on wider concepts of culture. Since 2013 FRISE is part of the Port Journey Network. FRISE hosted the Port Journey Meeting 2016 and introduced HaViK Groningen as a member. HaViK is an artists-run organisation that provides several needs of artists such as housing, network, exhibitions, etc.

Letter of intent Groningen > Hamburg
Groningen and Hamburg have agreed in 2015 to collaborate at least till 2019 on several fields of interest like cultural affairs. Therefor several artist from Groningen were hosted in Hamburg during festivals and by Kunstlerhaus Frise during that period. Example: In 2017 the Altonale Festival plus Frise hosted two Groninger artist (exchange and presentation). Groningen is exited to welcome two Hamburg artists for an AIR-program in our inspiring city.

HaViK welcomes two artist from Hamburg for the first official cooperation with FRISE in 2018.

For the AIR-programm in Groningen HaViK works together with ZUHAUSE. They are the host for the artists in Groningen. In their building they provide a place to stay and to work. The result of the AIR-programm can be presented in the new Gallery-space in the building or if wanted other ways of presentation can be explored.

ZUHAUSE is a new interdisciplinary collective of (young) professional artists founded in 2017.
The group involve visual artists, dancers, musicians and performers. The collective is started to give all kinds of artists an home, a place where they experiment within and without their own disciplines and cross boarders.

The AIR for two artists is hosted in the heart of the city centre in Groningen. In the building where the artists of ZUHAUSE and several others work and live. There are two separated apartments for the artists to offer.

We are glad to offer the following for two artists:

  • +/- 4 weeks artist in residence stay • atelier • private studio with bed, living space, bathroom, toilet
  • shared kitchen • laundry • Internet • financial support: travel cost, daily allowance and work budget
  • Exhibition: While your stay we support the artists to organize a show in the gallery (incl. material, flyer and press announcement) or another platform if wanted.
  • Optional other activities: artist talk, artist dinner, … • personal support by HaViK and ZUHAUSE artists
  • Financial per artist
    • daily allowance: 500
    • artist fee: 1000
    • work budget: 300
    • presentation budget: 250
    • travel cost: 150

For more information:                                                                                                                 Contact Groningen:
Jan Derk Diekema (HaViK)
+31 6 4630 6943

Deadline: 28.05.2018

Looking forward to see you in Groningen,
Jan Derk Diekema



Port Journey Artist Exchange Hamburg > Groningen
A cooperation between HaViK/ZUHAUSE (GR) and Frise (HH)
supported by the government of Groningen

Period:+/- July 2018

Duration:+/- 4 Weeks

Fill in the application form and email itbefore 28stof May 2018 to: subject: AIR Groningen+ name artist(s).  If you want to apply for two artists? Please fill in two forms and send it in one email to us.

Name:                     ___________________________________________________________________________

Address:                 ___________________________________________________________________________

Contact email:       ___________________________________________________________________________

Gender:______   Age: _______       Study: _______________________________________________________

Preferred date(s) of exchange:  _______________________________________________________________

Write something about yourself and answer the following questions (max. 2 A4)

Who are you and what do you do as an artist?

What do you want to work on and present in Groningen?

How can you connect to ZUHAUSE?

Do you have special needs or ideas?

Attach the CV / portfolio / links: website/ facebook/ youtube/ vimeo/ etc.
(If you want to attach video’s or big file’s please use an weblink if possible)