Klaske Oenema


About my work: The story, the narrative, forms the center of my work. This can be explicit and unfolding in an orally told story, or it can merely be suggested, as in a poem, a performance, a short film or a series of images.

What holds my different work with different media together is this focus on the narrative, an interest in the human experience. Around this narrative thread I create, using words, sound, singing, image.

My work is almost always time based (film, performance, song). Very often I make use of an old fashioned overhead projector, which allows an intuitive and direct way of working and playing with shadows and light, time and sound.

"Foreignboats", overhead projection, 2016
“Foreignboats”, Overhead projection, 2016

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Present & Future
Right now I am working on a novel that I started with in Frise in 2013, and am moving to Amsterdam to work closer with a publishing house there.

Klaske Oenema


  • Master of Dutch Language and Literature, Rijks University Groningen. Graduated in 2002
  • Bachelor of Arts (Language and Images), Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, Amsterdam

Graduated in 2006. Winner of the public’s favourite prize 2006.


2015 – Places, stories and stages. Group showing at Frise, Hamburg. Curated by Dorothea Heinrich.

2014 – Short film To unfold a dead seagull on the sand for Translators Tour through the Netherlands

– The Four Last Things for the exhibition The Seven Deadly Sins. Centraal Museum.
– De Kijkkasten Lowlands music festival (Installation
– Shiny Toys Festival, Mulheim an dem Ruhr. (Installation & performance)
– Artist in Residence in Frise, Hamburg. With group exhibition.

In this year I performed my music together with Harm Wierda, as part of the cd I published at the end of 2011

NIJVER|HEDEN. Film for the exhibition NIJVER|heden in the Enkhuizer Zuiderzee Museum.
Group show Light! in De Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem.

In andere kamers. Groupshow GastGastGeber for the project Ruhr 2010 in Oberhausen. Curator: Studio Makkink & Bey, Rotterdam.
– De Kijkkasten, Amsterdam.
Operations on urban terrain. Group show in Kulter, Amsterdam.
Art of the Overhead, Malmo, Zweden. Installation and performance


PERFORMANCES (a selection)

Watou, Belgium
Tuinfeest Poetry Festival Deventer
Noorderzon festival Groningen

POETS|vrouwen: poetry tour with female poets from the North of the Netherlands
Dutch Design Week Eindhoven
De Mus, Amsterdam
De Buren, Brussels

Poeziefestival Duivendrecht
Starkenborgh Festival

Paviljoen Meerzicht, Midlaren.
Duurzaam Dichten, Amsterdam.

20 performances in the North of Netherlands for the project KING, a collaboration with Sexton Creeps and Harm Wierda www.king.sextoncreeps.eu

2012 – Performance at opening art route IJhorst – De Wijk, Drenthe.
And writer in residence.

Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam.

Oerol Festival
Academie voor Bouwkunst
Extrapool Nijmegen (Go Short Festival)
Stedelijk Museum Den Bosch


WinterWelVaart. Together with Irene Wiersma.

“Muziek in het Museum”. De Lakenhal, Leiden

Het Feest van de Onmogelijkheid. Arti et Amiciae, Amsterdam.

Opening act voor Explosions in the Sky/ Yuck in den Atelier, Luxemburg

It Folds into… a performance together with composer Tom America that we performed on different stages in the Netherlands and in Berlin.


TEACHING / LECTURES (by Klaske Oenema)

2010 – Lecture at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam.
2012 – Workshops at the Minerva Art Academy Groningen
2007 Courses at the Foto Academy Amsterdam

– Benevolence, a small book of prose (2006)
– Publication of a story in De Gids, Met de stok in de hand (2007)
– Different articles for the art magazine Mr. Motley (2008-2011)

– I’m leaving this room (2006)
– Undecided Storm (2011)

Learn more: www.klaskeoenema.nl