Soup – Tasting river water / Miku Sato (Yokohama)

A Port Journey Cooperation with Zounohana Terrace/Yokohama


Open on request till 22/12/2017
Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V. Arnoldstraße 26–30, 22765 Hamburg w
Special Thanks to Yoshie Ota, Tsutomu Okada, all friends at Zounohana Terrace & Spiral/Tokio

The project is tasting river water as soups. Familiar soups, like miso soup for Japanese people, were cooked in the river water. Then, the soups were shared with the people. This project is practiced as a video work, workshop and guerrilla performance in the city. Soup was started in South Korea as a video work at Seoul in 2011. This open-source project has practiced in Taiwan, Australia and France.

In this project, the soups appeared as identities of each culture. Almost every culture has soups. Through sitting around a table and sharing the soups, the project proposes to share the cultures and the issues on the dirty river water in the city.

All rivers are connected to the ocean. We all share the ocean with all creatures on earth. The human life, various cultures, histories and also battles began in waterside, and our ancestors lived a simple way of life when people didn’t have any borders of countries.

Born in Japan in 1985, Miku Sato is studying at Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts in Japan.

Relationship of intervals and spaces which exist between public and private, or activeness and passiveness of arts are the concepts of her practice.

She explores new perspective of the world through workshops of open-source ideas, and people’s participatory actions, using our daily necessaries and housework in unusual way.

Here she aims to share her experiences and make new discoveries through her interactions with other people. As a result, her projects are often available for the public to view as both installation and video work.


1985- Born in Kanagawa, Japan

/// Education ///

2017- Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

2009 B.A. Oil Paint department, Musashino Art University, Japan

/// Selected Exhibitions ///

2017 TOKKOTAI: Contemporary Australian and Japanese Artists on war and the Battle of Sydney. Harbour / grpup show ( the T5 Camouflage Fuel Tanks / Sydney / Australia) – organized by Mosman Art Gallery
2016 CUT THE CRAP#3: Silent Speech / two-person show (DE MAKERSREPUBLIEK / Brugge / Belgium)
2015 Missing Panther / group show (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum / Tokyo / JP) – organized by Tokyo Wonder Site.
The 12th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2015 (the Museum of Modern Art, Gunma / Gunma / JP)
2014 TOKYO STORY 2014 / group show (Tokyo Wonder Site Hongo / Tokyo / JP) – organized by TWS,
Green River Project part 1 / group show (Tamsui Historical Musemu, New Taipei City / Taiwan),
Green River Project + Shehou Art Factory / group show (Shehou Art Factory / Taiwan)
Breath / solo show (Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei / Taiwan)
2013 Public Presentation & Group Exhibition of El Ranchito (Nave 16, MATADERO Madrid / Spain)
BankART Studio Residence Open Studio (BankART Studio NY /Kanagawa/ JP)

/// Screening ///

2017 ‘Not the Yellow Submarines‘ at Maebashi Film Festival (Gunma / JP)

2014 ‘Soup’ as a part of “Plum Tree Creek” by Bamboo Curtain Studio
(National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung / Taiwan)

/// Residency Programs ///

2016. 8 – 9 CUT THE CRAP, Het Entrepot (Brugge / Belgium)

2015. 4 MAG-NET project (Michelle Belgiorno (artist) + Mosman Art Gallery / Sydney / Australia)

2014. 6 – 8 Hot Spring Project (New Taipei City / Taiwan)

2014. 4 – 6 Treasure Hill Artist Village (Taipei / Taiwan)

2013. 11 – 12 MATADERO Madrid, El Ranchito (Spain) – exchange program with Tokyo Wonder Site

2013. 5 – 7 BankART Artist in Residence 2013 (BankART Studio NYK / Kanagawa / JP)

2011. 8 – 10 Seoksu Art Project 2011 (Stone&Water / Anyang / South Korea)

2008.10 – 11 Toride Art Project 2008 (Ino apartment complex / Toride / Ibaraki / JP)

// Workshops, Performances ///

2016 ‘Socks’ (Markt / Brugge / Belgium)

‘Soup a.k.a. Souper ( im ) possible’ (Paris / France)

2015 ‘Soup’ (Middle Head, Sydney Harbour National Park / Sydney / Australia)
/// Concours ///

2015 selected artist ‘The 12th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists 2015’ / JP

2008 selected artist ‘Tokyo Wonder Wall 2008’ (Painting) / JP

2006 Taro Shinoda Prize (Musashino Art University / Tokyo / JP)

/// Grant ///


With friendly support of Elbkulturfonds Hamburg / 2016-17