The liquefaction of anyone’s body with Salma Sbou

Born and raised in Veddel, Salma Sbou, is an art and biology student at the pedagogically oriented European University of Flensburg. Her work deals with the not always recognizable narrow boundary between natural science and art. Different body fluids are reflected in the individual works.

Emotions such as irritation and disgust that arise when looking at her work are intended to lead to a reorientation of the socially recognized. The purpose is to be pulled out of the usual routines and orders that are meant to bring people through everyday life.

The intention of her work is to put an emotional strain on the viewer based on the substances used. The result of such a burden should be heightened perception of the environment, which makes one aware of the fascinating properties of the substances of the human body.

For several years Salma Sbou collaborates with be’kech (Berlin)  and resently with Oyoun, an artistic-cultural project venue in the field of decolonial, queer * feminist and migrant perspectives.


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