Port journey EXHIBITION

Jaime Ibanez (Groningen/NL)
Klaske Oenema (Groningen/NL)
Tim Schwartz (Los Angeles/USA)
Reham Sharbaji (Amman/Jordan)

Measuring hyper links on passages to similarities.
How to talk about Hyper Culturalism with the means of art.

ExhIbition OPENING Thursday, SEPTEMBER 15, 2016, 8 pm

September 16 –18, 2016
Friday– Sunday 4–8 pm

If we imagine an empty exhibition room and start slowly, one by one, to install things in it, and to build relations between figures and surroundings, than we are boarding our mind on a passage into art, into an exhibition of art as a landscape. While wandering in the spatial surrounding, we are used to take on the role the recipient: Once that concept is left behind we start acting as passengers on a journey, traveling through aesthetic moments of this passage.

To think about the shape of an exhibition in the context of Hyperculture is a new approach to define questions of what concepts of culture we are used to raise. This questions puts Hyperculture in a dispute: On the one hand culture as monolithically carved tradition, and on the other– culture as a result of permanent social interactions and fast changes of unclear conditions.

For some, tradition and culture are synonymous for the claim of established knowledge, social status and political systems – for others, culture is what is to be developed by sharing what could be useful, what leads acting groups from inflexible models to unknown figurations of political commons. (Maybe difference is necessary if we start from equality or equality is necessary if we start from differences – beauty is needed for the ugliness / the ugly is needed for beautiful.)

The exhibition » THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME « brings together artist from different aesthetic areas, geopolitical realities and artistic understandings. The artists Klaske Oenema, Reham Sharbaji, Jaime Ibanez and Tim Schwartz lead us within their individual drafts of artistic diversity and invite us to raise new questions. Maybe we image a room with an exhibition as a passage, so we could share perspectives and draw our own lines of similarities along a inner necessity (like Kandinsky, Innere-Notwendikeit).


FRISE Künstlerhaus Hamburg e.V.
Arnoldstraße 26 – 30
22765 Hamburg-Ottensen