James A Enos –
Ohh, Here I Am!

Things actually do happen all at once 
— in spite of much effort to colonize society by naive means and to reduce time simply to indexical relationships. And it is perhaps here, where I find myself deep inside the interdisciplinary practices of culture, thinking, and ephemerality. In a place, where project-based or studio works often become surrogates for the self, domestic, and global ambitions to house the impossibility of the corporeal— with regards to spatial politics and belonging in motion. And as only a traveler can approach this process— I throw my dice to maintain a chance— to delineate edges, abstract lines, and towards perceiving brief rhythms which bridge visual and social languages.

James Enos, AFTER THE DISCO: Ohh, Here I Am!
FRISE AiR Studio, in residence via Port Journeys, December 2017

The Hamburg Project – AFTER THE DISCO: Ohh, Here I Am!

On personal topology and transliterating (shape, pattern, measure) as an understudy of time-based movement

As far as a line— can signify subjective movement, intimate rhythm, or serve to abstract notions of space, we needn’t prematurely hold such characteristics accountable for engendering expectations of individuality. Often times, any point, position, or place simply facilitates divisive uses of other than — (Where, The Hell Am I?), roughly, I am occupying a specific place-body which of course, you are not. We learn this while young, by getting pushed off the top of a hill—in the transference of one’s temporarily fixed position to another, and so on, and so forth… Nonetheless, amidst inequality, i.e., globally wired spatial politics writ large— the weight of the fall, or so to say gravity as complicated by the exertion of a parallel digital-body— presents the unique struggle for one’s subjectivity to localize either the hill, or the other whom pushes the self from off of it. However, what is seldom addressed in this regard is either patience or acceptance. Whether it be via non-violent uses of drifting, positive psychedelic trance, or in broader terms which present emotional marking as evanescent potential to background the identity from othering itself…

Detail: James Enos standing on the floor instalation AFTER THE DISCO: Ohh, Here I Am!
FRISE AiR Studio, in residence via Port Journeys

James A Enos
is an artist, educator, program director splitting his time between the Coastal Southwest (San Diego, CA), Midwest (Lafayette, IN), and Southeast (Athens, GA) regions of the United States/North America. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Art, Area Chair and Director of Studio Art Core at The University of Georgia.

He has participated in diverse exhibitions and conversations internationally and across North America associated with critical practice, activist architecture, and ambitions to rethink comprehensive social change: including the U.S. Pavilion in the 13th Venice Biennale of Architecture; Living as Form (the nomadic version) at the Creative Time Summit (UCSD); LA/LA Place + Practice at the J. Paul Getty Museum; the Asia Design Center Forum in Gwangju, Korea; HyperCultrual Passengers at FRISE Künstlerhaus in Hamburg; and Here Not There at the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art. Coverage of his work has appeared in various media including WIRED DESIGNHyperallergicArchitextArchitizer, and KCET’s ARTBOUND.

Detail: James Enos AFTER THE DISCO: Ohh, Here I Am!
FRISE AiR Studio, in residence via Port Journeys

Enos received his M.F.A. from The University of California San Diego and his M.Arch degree from The NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego, where he studied public culture and tectonics against a backdrop of pressing urban and transnational issues. He has been mentored and influenced greatly by scholars of spatial agency such as Teddy Cruz, Kyong Park, Petar Perisic and Len Zegarski. Enos began his career as the co-founder, developer, and director of The Periscope Project, a project platform activating a nexus of art, architecture, and urbanism for higher learning. He has since served as the director of Exploring Engagement at the Oceanside Museum of Art (CA) in addition to being a city project director and artist of the Port Journeys program.

Detail: James Enos AFTER THE DISCO: Ohh, Here I Am! FRISE AiR Studio, 2017

He holds a variety of teaching experiences involving the advancement of transdisciplinary programming and curriculum development that included alternative forms of creative and social practice. A recipient of the 2013 San Diego Art Prize, Enos has taught in a California correctional facility for Project Paint and in successive Summer Urban Labs for Haudenschild Garage. He has served as Assistant Professor of Architecture and Thesis Coordinator at The NewSchool of Architecture and Design in San Diego as well as Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Fabrication at Florida State University.

Learn more: http://art.uga.edu/directory/james-enos-0