Artist Talk – Thomas Füsser / Short Cuts

Kurze Schnitte – der Blick durch das Objektiv auf Kunst und Künstler in China seit 1993.

Vortrag am 25.05.2016, 19:30 Uhr
FRISE AiR Studio
Arnoldstraße 26, 22765 Hamburg

Thomas Füsser einwirft Bilder einer chinesischen Innenansicht aus einer intensiven Nähe zu den Künstlern und ihrer Kunst. Ein Portrait einer rasenden Zeit, ein Stück chinesische-, ein Stück Welt-Kunstgeschichte. Füsser reagiert als eine Art Sensor für kommende Strömungen in der zeitgenössischen Kunst.

ART Basel HK 2013, Studio Rouge
ART Basel HK 2013, Studio Rouge

Im Vortrag im FRISE AiR wird Thomas Füsser auf unseren Blickwinkel der westlichen Kunst-Rezeption eingehen und seine Perspektive auf Künstler wie Ai Weiwei, Liu Wei, Wu Shanzhuan, Inga Svala Thorsdottir, Feng Mengbo, MadeIn Company u.v.m. erläutern.

Vortrag in deutscher und englischer Sprache.
Photo: © Thomas Fuesser – “Wu Shanzhuan 2012”


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung des Elbkulturfonds Hamburg:


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Thomas Füsser
born 1960 in Essen / Germany, lives in Shanghai / China
Studies on Science of Communication and Design at University of Essen in Germany.

Selected Works / Exhibitions / Group Shows

2016 “Group Dynamics” – Edition 1 / “There really is no such thing as Art. There are only artists'” – Sir Ernst H. Josef Gombrich – The Story of Art (1950) – Artists’ Group Exhibition at Xinqiao Art Hub / Songjiang District / Shanghai / China (January-May 2016)

2014 – 2015 Group Show: “Hans van Dijk: 5000 Names” UCCA – Ullens Center for Contemporary Art / Beijing / China (May-August) and Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art / Rotterdam / Netherlands (September 2014-January 2015)

2013 “SHORT CUTS” exhibition and launch tour at 1st ART Basel Hong Kong / Studio Rouge Hong Kong/Asia Society Hong Kong/Rizzoli New York City/USA, MoCA Museum Shanghai

2012 – 2013 “SHORT CUTS – Artists in China” / Book, Film and Exhibition-Project in cooperation with ShanghART Gallery / Shanghai, Skira Editore S.p.A. / Milan Italy and Rizzoli International Publications New York / USA and HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts, Dresden / Germany and 17 Artists in China

2009 “Stolen treasures from modern China”- ShanghART Gallery in Shanghai & Beijing/China

2008 “Loss of the Real” at Xuhui Art Museum, Shanghai / China / Group Show: “Time. Place. Person.” / German & Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition

The first intimate visual documentation of artists who have influenced and transformed the Chinese art scene over the last two decades. Since 1993, photographer Thomas Fuesser has developed close and enduring professional relationships with the artistic community in China. His striking portraits tell their stories by depicting their work and personalities and by documenting a part of contemporary history during a dynamic time in China. _Recording the lives and thought processes of leading artists, such as Ding Yi, Liu Wei, Zhang Enli, Cai Guo-Qiang, Zhang Ding, Zeng Fanzhi, Wu Shanzhuan, Inga Svala Thorsdottir, Zhang Peili, Sun Xun, Chris Gill, Pu Jie, Yu Hong, Feng Mengbo, Ai Weiwei, MadeIn Company, and Zhou Tiehai, Short Cuts provides fascinating visual insight into the heart of Chinese society.

„The camera is an instrument that captures events. It represents our eyes, as well as a record of reality. It can also voice, from various viewing angles, an opinion which differs completely from others. The spear is a common weapon, facilitating both resistance and violence. Penetrated by a spear, the camera here also implies specific injury and conflict. Metaphorically, this could be considered either the murder of a reality or the resistance to a lie, depending on the standpoint one decides to take“.
Xu Zhen, MadeIn Company, Thomas Füsser