Behind the curtain –
Ditte Lyngkær (Aarhus/DK)

Behind the Curtain

“Behind the curtain” is the title of Ditte Lyngkær´s short term residency at HyCP, Veddel at the beginning of May 2022. Ditte already visited Veddel first time in August 2020, and she is now coming back to study how we use curtains around Veddel.

Studio snapshot by Ditte Lyngkær
Studio snapshot by Ditte Lyngkær

What are the cultural connotations
of curtains?
What do we filter?
What do we hide?
And what do we show?

Ditte will present new experimental textile works and sketches in the gallery space. They are made of cyanotype on textile.

Portrait of Ditte Lyngkær by artist and photographer Luna Lund Jensen

On mothers day on May 8th, Ditte Lyngkær invites women with their children to come to the gallery and join a cyanotype workshop. Cyanotype is a non-camera photographic technique from the late 18th century using the sun to expose the image. We will make cyanotypes inspired by the theme “curtains”. During the workshop, we will share experiences using curtains and other examples of filters that we use to divide public and private spaces.

Curtains blend out light, and they protect bypassers witnessing our intimate things. They also divide the audience from the stage. In our aircraft, a unique curtain called a “class divider” separates the rich and the poor during their flight. And in politics, we know the symbolic term “iron curtain” that divided ideologies in Europe after World War II. What other symbolic curtains are we dealing with today? And how did the use of mouth masks during the COVID waves teach us to discuss who is protecting who?

Join us for a workshop where we share experiences, thoughts, and concerns about hiding voluntarily or involuntarily as well as our phantasies about what is behind the curtain. We will present the workshop in the gallery space on Tuesday evening, May 10th.

Ditte Lyngkær lives and works in Aarhus as an independent visual artist, exhibition curator, teacher, and art consultant in public spaces. She works conceptually on issues around memories and forms of representations in different mediums such as cyanotype, metal, glass, drawing, and bookmaking amongst others.

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Special thanks to Anne Köhnke, International Cultural ExchangeFree and Hanseatic City of Hamburg – Ministry of Culture and Media

Dittes residency is supported by the Cultural Committee of Art, City of Aarhus

HyCP is  friendly support of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg – Ministry of Culture and Media and Bezirk Hamburg Mitte


Photo 1: Photo taken in Veddel in 2020 by Ditte Lyngkær
Photo 2: Studio snapshot by Ditte Lyngkær

Photo 3: Portrait by Ditte Lyngkær by artist and photographer Luna Lund Jensen