orangcosong / Chikara FUJIWARA & Minori SUMIYOSHIYAMA

PortJourney’s EAT – ART – TALK! 

Thursday 27.06.2024, 18.00 h.

HyCP Veddel Space, Sieldeich 36 /20539 Hamburg

Registration is needed till 26.06.2024! 

Please check in at one@hycp.org

PortJourney presents the first Hamburg issue of ART, EAT, and TALK! 

PortJourney.org is an international network of art spaces in harbor cities around the globe. 

We are glad to have Orangcosong (Chikara & Minori) as our guests. They will give an artist talk on their recent projects and a snack/dinner. The artist collective is based in Yokohama, Japan, Asia, Africa, and Europe. 

Although they have a background in performing arts, they have recently been creating projects with affinities with media, conceptual, or community art. Their theme is ‘invisible walls’ that divide people and ‘mobility/gravity,’ which makes people move beyond borders or stay somewhere. Particularly after COVID-19, they are trying to create secure places and opportunities online and offline that create ‘mutual trust.’ 

In 2024, Orangcosong will travel to European cities for three months, working on various projects in Bilbao, Milan, Dusseldorf, Prague, Nicosia, etc. During this journey, they will swing by Hamburg, looking for future possibilities.

Please Learn more about ORANGCOSONG


Mit freundlicher Unterstützung
der Behörde für Kultur und Medien
und dem Bezirksamt Hamburg Mitte

Title Photo by Hajime Kato