Tracing Hyper Passages  / Guided Tours through Hamburg

In 2010, the Academy of Another City created a temporary Art Route across Hamburg called “Looking for Changes” along the S-Bahn line 3, which connects the north and the south of the city. The idea was to attract more attention to the invisible or suppressed aspects as well as the potentials of an urban development that aimed on “The Leap across the Elbe” (International Building Exibition from 2007 to 2013). The river Elbe divides the city into two quite different parts: Hamburg in the north and the Habour, the Elbe island and Harburg in the South. By recalling the route and some of the works which were developed in 2010 we will retrace central urban, social, political changes and debates about public art concepts within the past decade.

Ute Vorkoeper, Hamburg, Germany, artist, author, curator
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Working Contexts (selected)
Stadt Kunst Gesellschaft e.V. (association for art in public space, since 2012); Academy of Another City, art platform of the International Building Exhibition (2009-2011); visiting professor at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee (2007-2009) transmedien, pilot project at Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (2001-2004); scholarship holder and lecturer at Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (1998-2001); Ph.D. (1997); Curator of the Estate of Anna Oppermann (1940-1993); scholarship of NRW (Grafög) (1991-1993); member of Künstlerhaus Dortmund (1988-1993); Art Education Studies at University of Dortmund (1982-1990)

Exhibitions | Projects (selected)
Europe. Visiting the Enclosure. TACHO, Berlin (2016); Rolihlahla – winner project of art competition for Nelson Mandela Platz, Nürnberg (2016); Space for borderline messages, Kunstverein und Stadtspeicher Jena (2013); Looking for Changes. Art Parcours throughout Hamburg (2010); Signs of Respect, exhibition at Veringhöfe, Hamburg Wilhelmsburg (2009); Anna Oppermann. Re-Visions of the Ensemble Art, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart and Generali Foundation Vienna (2007). On Disappearance. Loss of World and Escaping from the World. HMKV, Phoenixhalle, Dortmund (2005); get that balance, Kampnagel K3, Hamburg (2001) <www.getthatbalance.de>; discord -sabotage of realities, Kunstverein/Kunsthaus Hamburg (1996/97).

Publications (selected)
Art of Another City. Ute Vorkoeper / Andrea Knobloch (Hg.). Berlin: jovis, 2012; Anna Oppermann. Ensembles 1968-1993. Hatje Cantz: Ostfildern-Ruit 2007; Art for the next generation ZEIT online (2005-2006) <http://www.zeit.de/feuilleton/kunst_naechste_generation/index>; Hybride Dialoge – Kunstausbildung in der Medienkultur. Bund-Länder-Kommission für Bildungsplanung und Forschungsförderung. Heft 125, Bonn 2005; transmedien readme – Modellversuch an der Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg. Hamburg 2004

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