Ausstellung: Almut Linde – studio veddel observations

Freitag, 09.02.2024, 18.00 h

10. – 25.02.2024

Samstag & Sonntag 
14.00–18.00 h
und nach Vereinbarung

Sieldeich 36 20539 Hamburg

STUDIO VEDDEL OBSERVATIONS is an open studio format by artist Almut Linde, in which she takes an integrated look at her immediate surroundings on site. It is about a perspective on the mixture of port, industrial, and neighborhood uses on Elbe Island. Over a period of four weeks, fragments of observations will be collected, viewed, and categorized between heavy transport, the copper industry, and urban planning megalomania. 
With the Studio Veddel format, Almut Linde will open the outdoor space as a conflict of interests in a quasi-public art space.

Instead of working with a brush or canvas, Almut Linde (*1965 in
Lübeck) works with people and social systems. “My studio is
the world,” says the artist, and she goes to places and areas
that, at first glance, do not necessarily suggest artistic potential.
Whether a traveling circus or a military maneuver, the eye of the sensitive observer permanently recognizes the blind spot blind spot in the general perception. Together with the people in the respective environment, she develops performances from action photographs, sculptures, and installations that raise fundamental questions of human existence beyond exposure or beyond exposure or documentation, such as the difference between individual autonomy and structural conditionality in social systems. Using the methods of conceptual art, minimal art, and action painting, the artist has created an aesthetic
that is as truthful as it is beautiful, making the works